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Date Founded: 

ascottlogo.jpgWith the motto, "Appreciating the Past Is Our Hope for the Future," Patrimoine-Ascott-Heritage has spearheaded the preservation of the Little Hyatt One-Room Schoolhouse in the hamlet of Milby, south of Lennoxville.

Documented to have been in use at least as far back as 1822, the school is the oldest surviving building in Milby, and one of very few from the early settlement years. There is reason to believe the building may date to as early as 1810, when it may have been used as a house of worship or as a meeting house for notaries.

larger_img_1031.jpgRecognized municipally as a historic site, the schoolhouse is the only restored one-room school in historic Ascott Township, a vast territory with a current population of over 150,000. Patrimoine-Ascott-Heritage plans to open the site to school groups, tourists, and heritage enthusiasts.

The site will also serve as an interpretive centre for local history, and as a community meeting place. Patrimoine-Ascott-Heritage hopes to foster an interest in the history of this once thriving community.

Other points of interest are the nearby covered bridge (1873) and St. Barnabas Anglican Church (1874), which together with the schoolhouse, will form a three-part heritage attraction in the heart of Milby.

Physical Description: 

Little Hyatt One-room Schoolhouse.


Patrimoine-Ascott-Heritage is currently collecting artifacts and documents relating to early education in the area. Eventually these will be on display in the schoolhouse.

Special Activities: 

larger_loomises.sm_.jpgRestoration of the schoolhouse. Fund-raising. Self-guided walking tour. Touring the schoolhouse. Viewing the interpretation panel which includes text and photos documenting the first 125 years of the area's history.

A 40' x 60' Tent will be erected for many activities. Weddings, Pioneer Market Garden, Family Re-unions, Garage Sales, etc.


Pamphlet (free).

Business Hours: 

By appointment or chance (regular hours if a summer student is on duty; please call to verify).


Donations are greatly appreciated.



2185 McVety Rd., Waterville, QC.

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(819) 346-6746 (Milt & Bev Loomis)
Contact person: 
Bev Loomis, President