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Austin Cultural Committee

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Date Founded: 

acc.jpgTo contribute to creating and enhancing the cultural life of the community and to promote research, knowledge about and the preservation and development of the heritage of Austin.

Physical Description: 

The Cultural Committee is a committee of the Austin municipal council, which names its members. It is made up of municipal councillors and citizens interested in the cultural development of our municipality, basically all volunteers. It meets at the Austin town hall. The historical archives are also located in the town hall.


acc.1.JPGIn 2008, the Cultural Committee created a historical archive for Austin that brings together historical documents relating to the history of Austin (and the Eastern Townships). The committee's objective is to compile and preserve material related to Austin and its environment, to complete these holdings and to make them available to researchers; to initiate and encourage research on the history or the region; to interpret and publish the results of this research and to collaborate with other groups.

Special Activities: 

acc.3.jpgAnnual community celebration, the Fête du Village;

Cultural Saturday, as part of the Journées de la culture in September;

Annual concerts;

Annual art exhibits and shows in the community hall;

Christmas arts and crafts sale;

Historical research;

Historical publications;

Creation of an archive;

Historical and archeological site: ore-industrial mill complex.


acc.2.jpgA History of Bolton Township and the Municipality of Austin (2001)

Reginald Aubrey Fessenden – Abridgement of the biography of Fessenden (2004)

Lily Esther Butters – Abridgement of the biography of Lily Esther Butters (2005)

Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-Lac (2006)

A Historical Tour of Austin’s Churches (2007)

Thompson’s Mills (2007)

The Cemeteries of Austin (2008)

Cimetières privés à Austin, QC (2008-2009)

Muriel BALL DUCKWORTH (1908-2009), en images et en textes / Muriel BALL DUCKWORTH (1908-2009), Words & Images (2009)

Archéotec, 2008, Complexe pré-industriel de Millington, les moulins de Millington - $20 (in French)

Archéotec, 2009, Complexe pré-industriel de Millington Programme d’inventaire archéologique des aménagements hydrauliques sur le ruisseau Powell - $5 (in French)

Annual historical calendar - $4

Business Hours: 

By appointment, at the Austin town hall.


Access to the archives is free, by appointment.
Members of the committee are named by the municipal council. Citizens may also become "Friends of the Cultural Committee" and in this way they will be informed of the different activities and publications of the committee.



21 Millington Rd. , Austin, QC J0B 1B0

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(819) 843-2388
(819) 843-8211