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What's For Dinner? -- New Exhibition Opens in Lennoxville

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November 9, 2010

The Lennoxville-Ascot Historical & Museum Society is pleased to bring you the all new exhibit from its “Chores of Yore” series: What’s for Dinner? The exhibition will showcase the preparation of a meal, beginning with the shopping, moving on to the cooking and finishing with the serving of the meal.

Shopping will take visitors to the “market,” allowing them to see some packaging from the 1920s, including those for household staples, such as milk, eggs and butter. Guests will also find various tins and containers for cooking ingredients. The exhibit will take viewers to the kitchen section where they will find standard cooking utensils, many of which they will recognize as earlier versions of tools which are still used today. They may be surprised to find other appliances, however, such as an ice cream maker, a bread maker, and combination tools which will peak any multi-tasker’s interest. The dinner service is for two occasions, a casual table setting as well as one for special occasions.

Visitors will be visually compelled by the clothing, cookbooks and many pictures from the era.

Opening Hours:
The Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society is open Wednesday through Sunday from 1 to 4:30 p.m. at 9 Speid Street in the Borough of Lennoxville (Sherbrooke).

Group Visits & Tours:
Available upon reservation. Please contact us at (819) 564-0409.