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Townships Loyalist Gilbert Hyatt Back on Roadsigns

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--October 28, 2014.

larger_loomis.jpgAn official unveiling of the new road signs identifying Route 143 as “Route Gilbert Hyatt” took place this week at the junction of Route 143 and MacDonald Road, in Waterville. Leading the ceremonies (and the driving force behind the nine-year campaign to get the name Gilbert Hyatt back up on the road signs) were Milt and Bev Loomis, of the Little Forks Branch of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada and Patrimoine Ascott Heritage.

Also present for the occasion were dignitaries, including Nathalie Dupuis, the Mayor of the Town of Waterville, journalists and representatives from QAHN.

Gilbert Hyatt is recognized as the founder of the Township of Ascot (formerly spelled Ascott). In 1992, the Municipality of Ascot designated a stretch of Route 143 "Route Gilbert Hyatt." The municipality's intention at that time was to convey Hyatt's importance to the history and settlement of the region. However, the annexation of this part of Ascot to the Town of Waterville resulted in the removal in 2005 of the old Gilbert Hyatt signs in order to standardize the designation of the name "Route 143."

In the words of Bev Loomis, who is the President of the Little Forks Branch UELAC, it was "with the aim of emphasizing the 100th anniversary of the United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada that our non-profit charitable organization, namely Patrimoine-Ascott-Heritage, a part of Little Forks Branch, that steps have been taken in collaboration with the Town of Waterville to revise the possibilities to integrate this historical factor into the identification on it’s municipal signs to be installed on Rte. 143. We are proud to have reached a consensus in this way to honour this historical figure – Loyalist and Founder Gilbert Hyatt.”