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Townshippers' Day to Come to Stanstead in 2011

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--March 29, 2011.

larger_img_0452_0.jpgStanstead will host Townshippers' Day in 2011. Townshippers' Association President Gerald Cutting said last week that the decision was taken by the board of the Association at its monthly meeting last Tuesday.

"We're very excited to have Stanstead hosting T-Day this year," Cutting said. "It's been a long time since we had this event here and we're confident that Stanstead will be an excellent host town."

Cutting said that there were a couple of issues that still had to be worked out in relation to Stanstead's proposal, but added that they were all "very minor."

Ingrid Marini, the executive director of Townshippers' Association, said that those issues all related to questions of logistics, such as site selection, parking, traffic, and the collection of entry donations. Marini said that she was "thrilled" to be involved in the process of choosing the host town for this year's Townshippers' Day.

"Stanstead is a beautiful town with an exceptional community," she said. "Their enthusiasm as well as their experience with organizing successful events such as Borderfest will help T-Day reach its full potential. At Townshippers, we are all very proud and excited to be collaborating on an event that will showcase and highlight this town and its hard work, dedication and vision. We look forward to working with and meeting each member of this beautiful and vital English-speaking community."

Stanstead Town Councillor Jody Stone, who was behind Stanstead's submission, said that he suggested that T-Day be held on Park Street. He said that he has contacted both Stanstead College and Manoir Stanstead (the former Ursuline Convent) and that "they both offered us the use of land and also some of their facilities."

The exact details, Stone added, still have to be determined. "We will have our first meeting in a few weeks to try and get a few of those details worked out."

The last time T-Day was held in Stanstead was back in 1996. By all accounts, the day was a big success, with the organization and venues first rate. This year's event will take place on Saturday, September 17.