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There Goes the Neighbourhood: One Building Less in Downtown Rock Island

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--February 10, 2011.

larger_img_4646.jpgA demolition crew has been hard at work in downtown Stanstead for the last couple of days. The large "Boomtown" style commercial block that once stood on the corner of Railroad and Dufferin streets, opposite Place Henry Seth Taylor in Rock Island, has been obliterated.

Battered into dust and debris, the dilapidated building that once housed the popular Avalanche Ice Cream Parlour was seen as an obstacle to improving visibility at the busy downtown intersection. Now, the Avalanche has been turned into an avalanche of rubble.

It will be recalled that last year the town had purchased the lot from the Caisse Desjardins for $15,000, with an eye to the building's eventual demolition. A small triangular piece on the corner of this lot was then sold (for one dollar) to Transport Quebec, which subsequently initiated the demolition. The idea now is to have the intersection widened and visibility improved.