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Support Growing for Granby's Miner Heritage Farm

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medium_miner.jpg--July 3, 2008

A historic property in Granby, known as the Miner Farm, is slated for transformation into a public interpretive centre, according to media reports. The project, known as La Ferme Héritage Miner, will involve the transformation of several buildings on a property formerly owned by the once influential Miner family, and now belonging to the City of Granby. The farm buildings in question include a farmhouse, a barn, a creamery, a stable and several small outbuildings.

Originally the buildings had been slated by demolition by the city, to make way fro a new housing development. About half of the 520-acre property had been set aside for green space. However, opposition to the demolition from local citizens convinced the municipality that the buildings should be saved. Since then, twelve acres of the property, adjacent to the proposed green space, have been set aside for this project.

The plan, according to the magazine Continuité, is for the farm buildings to be managed by a not-for-profit association called La Ferme Héritage Miner. The large red barn will be turned into a restaurant and boutique, where local agricultural and artisanal products will be sold. There will also be permanent exhibitions on the history of the Miner family, and displays of works of art by local artists. The stable, nearby, will be used to house various “heritage” breeds of animal, and to sensitize visitors to nature and the environment. Finally, thematic gardens will include flowers and medicinal and heritage plants, a children’s “discovery garden” and a community garden.

All of these aspects of the project are currently in the works, and members of the local community seem very supportive. According to La Voix de l'Est, the Granby newspaper, the City of Granby is "lending" the small white farmhouse situated on the property to La Ferme Héritage Miner, this in addition to the twelve acres already mentioned above. A welcome financial boost has come from the Conférence régionale des élus (CRE) de la Montérégie-Est, which has announced its support for the project to the tune of $40,000. La Ferme Héritage Miner has also received the wholehearted endorsement of the Conseil des monuments et sites du Québec (CMSQ).