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A Sense of Place: New History Anthology from the Stanstead Historical Society

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--November 3, 2016.

larger_shs_0.jpgThe Stanstead Historical Society is about to release a brand new publication, an anthology of articles published over the past 50 years in its celebrated Stanstead Historical Society Journal. Editorial work on the book, titled A Sense of Place: The Imprint of the 19th and Early 20th Century on Stanstead County, has been overseen by a committee composed of Jane Coppenrath, Anne Leydet and Peter Southam, with production handled by designer Tim Doherty. The project has been two years in the making.

A Sense of Place is available in both hardcover and softcover formats. Generously illustrated, it is 339 pages and divided into chapters featuring articles on a range of topics, including early settlement, the Canada-U.S. border, business and industry, religion, schooling, community institutions, and more.

The book will be officially launched at the Colby-Curtis Museum (535 Dufferin, Stanstead) on November 19, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The hardcover version of A Sense of Place sells for $58.95; the softcover,for $28.95. Copies of each are available. To reserve a copy, make cheque payable to: Stanstead Historical Society, 535 Dufferin, Stanstead, Qc, J0B 3E0.