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Saving Time: Richmond County Historical Society to Create Time Vault

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--June 1, 2012.

Saving Time!

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Richmond County Historical Society in a meaningful way, a time vault will be constructed near Melbourne Township Town Hall. This is will be a concrete underground structure that will hold up to 150 individual time capsules.

These time capsules will stay in that vault for 50 years; the vault will be opened only when the Society celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2062. Some participants may expect to be present at the opening of the vault 50 years from now. Others will not be able to do so, but their descendants will. Any individual, family, business or organization may participate and deposit a time capsule.

The capsules are 1.7 litre stainless steel canisters with a rubber seal and a clamp top. The selection of material to be locked in the individual time capsules is only limited by the size of them. The idea is to make a selection of things that holds meaning for you and reminds you of the year. Suggested items are anything that the participant deems interesting enough to be preserved for 50 years; copies of photographs, local newspapers, family history, CV, writings, recipes, favourite book, cell phone, coins, list of organization members, etc. Items that will not last are color photographs, batteries, newspapers, masking tape, scotch tape, food, and chemicals. List items placed into the time capsule; include one copy of this in the time capsule and retain one copy for your records. Use archival paper (acid free) and inks or pencil for writing –no ballpoint. Acid-free paper is available at Papeterie 2000, Richmond.

Numbered canisters will be sold by the Richmond County Historical Society for $50 each. Each participant will receive a certificate stating the number of his or her capsule. Include the names of 2 people to be contacted. If the capsule is not claimed within one year, it will become the property of the Richmond County Historical Society.

On Sunday, September 2, 2012, the capsules will be placed in the vault. The vault will be closed with a concrete lid and a meaningful work of art illustrating the purpose of the vault, will be unveiled and eventually placed atop the vault.
We encourage everybody to consider participating in this project. For only one dollar per year, your time capsule will be a beacon for the future. Imagine the reaction of those who, in 50 years, will open the vault and find a diversity of documents and artifacts from our time! Wouldn’t you like to find such a cache from 50 years ago?

For more information and to reserve you canister, call Nick at (819) 826-2534 or Simon at (819) 826-1923.