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Richmond, Now and Then: Nick Fonda Has Done It Again!

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--September 14, 2017.

blah.jpgPlan to visit the Richmond County Historical Society at the end of September to help launch Richmond, Now and Then, a book that you will certainly want to read.

Subtitled an anecdotal history, Nick Fonda’s new book (Baraka Books, 2017) opens with a portrait of the Richmond area that is both uncompromisingly realistic and sympathetically insightful, and then goes on to encapsulate almost 220 years of settlement through a series of portraits and stories that offer a detailed and nuanced social history of a part of Canada that is unusually rich in history.

With accompanying maps and photos, the book tells the stories of Elmore Cushing who led the very first settlers up the St. Francis to the mouth of Cushing Brook; of Daniel Thomas, the area’s first notary who bequeathed the land on which the RCHS Museum now stands; of Patrick Quinn who founded both the St. Patrick’s Society and the Société St-Jean-Bâptiste; of John Hayes who was elected mayor of Richmond five times; of Johnny O. Toole the musical fool; and of dozens of other figures who contributed to making the Richmond area what it is today.

Richmond, Now and Then will be available, later on this fall, at a cost of $24.95 from booksellers (like Black Cat Books in Lennoxville) and internet vendors (like Amazon), but is available before then (at the same price) through the RCHS Museum.

Placing an order now will insure that a copy (or copies) in your name will be reserved at the RCHS Museum during Les journées de la culture, Sept. 29, 30 and Oct. 1, when the author will be on hand (from 2:00 to4:00) to sign your copy.

To reserve one or more copies, please contact Bev Smith by phone at
819 826-3929 or email at

Nick Fonda is a teacher, journalist, and writer. His previous books include, Hanging Fred and a Few Others, Painters of the Eastern Townships and Principals and Other Schoolyard Bullies.