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Richmond County Historical Society Celebrating 50 Years!

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--March 1, 2012.

larger_rchs.2.jpgThe Richmond County Historical Society (RCHS) was formed in 1962. As part of the historical society's 50th anniversary celebrations, the society is publishing some its photos and information from the past.

On March 20, 1948, the St. Francis River rose quickly from rain and melting snow. At Bromptonville, the situation was made worse by an ice jam that formed at the Brompton Pulp & Paper dam. In some places, the ice that had been left was 30 feet high. Seventeen houses were completely destroyed, swept from their foundations and scattered in pieces. One hundred people lost their homes, one man died, and telegraph lines were destroyed.

The Canadian National Railway station was heavily damaged and even a railway track was torn up by the force of the flood.

(Photo courtesy of the Richmond County Historical Society Archives)