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QAHN RESOLUTION: Holy Trinity Church, Bolton-Est, Qc.

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The following is an official extract of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN), held in Knowlton, Qc., June 1, 2019:

Whereas built heritage represents a vital, tangible aspect of our history, heritage, landscape, and economy;

Whereas the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) has noted a disturbing trend in Quebec whereby owners of heritage properties are letting their buildings deteriorate to a point of no return;

Whereas a number of high-profile demolitions of heritage properties have occurred and/or have been permitted in the province in recent years;

Whereas heritage properties connected to Quebec's English-speaking community, in particular those in rural areas where the Anglophone population has declined, are especially vulnerable to threats;

Whereas all levels of government in Quebec have certain responsibilities and powers over built heritage;

Whereas "citation" by a municipality does not guarantee a heritage property's protection, or even a basic level of maintenance;

Whereas a case in point is the historic Holy Trinity Anglican Church and Cemetery in South Bolton (903, Route Bolton-Pass, Municipality of Bolton-Est): this church, built in 1860, was cited by the municipality in 2012; close to 200 people are buried in the church's adjoining cemetery;

Whereas the fate of the above-mentioned pioneer church and cemetery are the subject of growing concern in the municipality and surrounding areas;

Be it resolved that:

QAHN remind the Anglican Diocese of the importance of our built heritage, in particular local pioneer churches and cemeteries, such as Holy Trinity Anglican Church in South Bolton, and ask the diocese to do everything in its power to protect these sites;

QAHN urge the Municipality of Bolton-Est, the MRC de Memphrémagog and the Government of Québec to take immediate action to protect our built heritage, in particular cited monuments like Holy Trinity Anglican Church in South Bolton (and its adjoining cemetery);

That QAHN request the Government of Quebec, in partnership with the MRCs, to provide local municipalities with the necessary expertise and funds to ensure important sites, such as Holy Trinity Anglican Church and Cemetery, are protected for future generations.

(Adopted unanimously)

Matthew Farfan
Executive Director, QAHN
June 10, 2019