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QAHN Letter to the Town of Brome Lake

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--March 11, 2013.

Ville de Lac-Brome
Attention: Mayor & Council,

RE: Paul Holland Knowlton House, Lac-Brome.

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

On behalf of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN), a Sherbrooke-based, province-wide network of heritage groups, I am writing to encourage you to do everything in your power to ensure the survival of the Paul Holland Knowlton House in Brome Lake.

As you know, Paul Holland Knowlton was a major contributor to the early settlement and development of the Eastern Townships. His influence was far-reaching and long-term. QAHN firmly believes that the Knowlton House is of great historical significance not only to the immediate community of the Town of Brome Lake, but to the region as a whole.

For the Town of Brome Lake to permit the demolition of Knowlton’s home would not only be a stain on the reputation of the municipality, but would call into question the sincerity of the town’s own Cultural Policy (January 2011) which speaks of “promoting and protecting” the “heritage values that are characteristic of Brome Lake.”

The Town of Brome Lake is known far and wide for its historical charm, its cultural activities and its appeal to visitors. These aspects of the town’s character contribute enormously to the local economy. Please do not permit the demolition of one of the municipality’s most significant heritage landmarks. Demolition is forever, and the damage it does can never be repaired.


Matthew Farfan
Executive Director, QAHN

cc. Brome County Historical Society
Townshippers’ Association