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QAHN Bookkeeper Marion Greenlay Wins 2012 "Outstanding Townshipper Award"

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--September 18, 2012.

It gives QAHN great pleasure to announce that Marion Greenlay, who has served as QAHN's volunteer bookkeeper for all of QAHN's past 12 years, has been chosen as a 2012 "Outstanding Townshipper" by the Sherbrooke-based Townshippers' Association.

Marion was presented with her award at the annual Townshippers' Day celebrations which were held this year in Farnham, Quebec. On hand to present Marion with her award were QAHN's President, Kevin O'Donnell, and its Executive Director, Matthew Farfan (who nominated Marion for the award). Other QAHN personnel present for the occasion were Board members Grant Myers and JoAnn Oberg-Muller.

The following is the brief speech by Matthew Farfan introducing Marion:

"For those of you who don’t already know her, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Marion Greenlay. When Townshippers’ called to say that Marion had been chosen as one of this year’s “Outstanding Townshippers,” I couldn’t have been more pleased. In fact, I’m not sure who was more pleased – me or Marion herself (when she heard the news).

Why did I nominate Marion? Because, quite honestly, she’s one of the most dedicated people I know. I have never seen anyone give so much of her time, and so freely. The amount of time that she gives to organizations in her community is equalled only by her modesty. Marion never seeks the limelight, and works almost entirely behind the scenes. She is always in good spirits, always ready to help. Without her, the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN), for whom I work, would not be the success it is today. And I know the same can be said by numerous other organizations in the Townships – a fact that is borne out by the wonderful letters that were sent in support of Marion’s nomination from the Townships Sun and the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society, both of which benefit from Marion’s generosity.

So we at QAHN are very fortunate to have Marion as our bookkeeper. Like so many other non-profits, QAHN operates on a shoestring budget, with a shoestring staff. Were it not for the hundreds of hours that Marion spends at the QAHN office through the course of any given year, as she has done since we were founded back in 2000, we would not be able to function as we have. Marion oversees payroll, pays the bills, keeps the accounts in order, does the banking, helps makes sure we don't spend too much money, and countless other routine but absolutely essential tasks. We could never afford to pay someone for the time she puts into this organization.

Marion has a keen interest in the history of the Eastern Townships. Through her behind-the-scenes contributions, she is helping, in her own way, to educate people about that heritage and culture.

I don't know if Marion ever expected to be so busy during her "retirement," or that she'd end up working virtually full-time for no money. But I get the distinct impression that she genuinely loves her work, and that she knows she’s contributing in a way that is essential."