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Paul Holland Knowlton House Finds a New Home!

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--October 20, 2014.

larger_img_8850_2.jpgThe pioneer-era Paul Holland Knowlton House, the subject of much debate in the village of Knowlton, and the focus of an ongoing fundraising campaign, was lowered onto its new concrete foundation today, in a corner of the grounds of the Brome County Historical Society in Knowlton.

The house, a 200-year-old squared-log cabin, was moved to its new location late last week. It has been shorn -- temporarily, at least -- of all of its modern adornments -- including its roof, siding and windows.

larger_img_8839_1.jpgThe plan is for the fundraising to continue until the house is properly restored to its original appearance inside and out. Work to close it in for the winter will begin shortly.

On hand to witness the lowering of the house into place were BCHS board member Kathryn Lexow (left) and Judith Duncanson, who have been spearheading the drive to save the 200-year-old home of Knowlton founder, Paul Holland Knowlton, and to have it moved and restored on the grounds of the museum.