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Musee Copp’s Ferry Summer hours: Saturdays from 1-5 p.m.

Summer is finally here in all its steamy glory. The Georgeville Canada Day parade on Carre Copp featured several Canton de Stanstead organizations. The Museum’s float theme was the current exhibition, “Farming in the Eastern Townships: A Retrospective” with two Museum Board members posing as farmers. Potterer and musician Jason Krpan played his handcrafted drum and Leo was on board for handsome dog appeal. The Museum’s float won Second Place behind Georgeville Historical Society’s representation of Molson Island Lighthouse. After the parade, tables were set up on Carre Copp for the organizations to hand out literature and sell products. Studio Georgeville’s First Nation celebration featured a tipi and shaptuan erected in the square. There was also an inflatable playground for the children and a firehose demonstration by the fire department; very attractive for such a warm day.

If you spend any part of the year in Georgeville, consider joining our team of volunteers for cataloging and special events. What is ‘cataloging’? It is doing research, exploring family trees, transcribing old letters and creating an inventory of documents and photo images, to name a few areas. ‘Special events’ are generally fundraising events for the Museum. Volunteers make these events go smoothly and make them fun, too. The volunteers will be meeting in late July or early August to discuss the needs of the Museum and the individual volunteer’s areas of interest. If you have an interest in volunteering or have questions, write us at or stop in on Saturday for a visit.

Memberships are just 5$ per person and admission to the Museum is still free. When you become a Museum member or renew your membership for 2018, consider adding a donation. Your Museum has streamlined its display area and is featuring the first temporary exhibit, “Farming in the Eastern Townships: A Retrospective.” For more information, listen to this CBC Radio “All in a Weekend” interview which ran on June 23rd.

Musee Copp’s Ferry’s 2nd General Assembly was held on Saturday, June 2nd at Murray Hall. A very big thank-you to the present Board for agreeing to be re-elected! The Board welcomes new director Eric Alexandre, who is filling the vacancy left by Bob Scott. The Museum wishes to thank Bob for his valuable participation and to thank Eric for accepting the nomination. Attendees listened to the Museum’s first year in review and to plans for upcoming events. The meeting was followed by refreshments, membership renewals and postcard sales.

If you have not yet seen the Museum’s postcards, and you love historic images of Georgeville, you are in for a treat. On sale at the Museum, Studio Georgeville and the General Store, the postcards sell for 20$ per pack of 11 different photos and for 2$ separately. The well-known Bartlett prints of the village are also available in a postcard format, in full-colour.

The June 23rd summer fundraiser “Vente de plein air” took place on Murray Hall lawn. The generous donations of desirable items for sale and equally generous donations of time and heavy lifting made this event a fun success. Everyone who came to the sale left with treasures: an item - or several - and the treasure of visiting with friends and neighbours in the first new days of the summer. To the Museum Board and their families, members, friends and the village of Georgeville – thank you!

From the MCF Archives: A summertime invitation

Kajiji Baba the Magician Wellesley, Mass.

After July 1: Birchbay, Magog, Quebec July 11, 1925

To Mr. Willy Murray, Dunkeld, Georgeville

My dear Will: Would you care to come to a small swim and dance at Birchbay, at three o’clock standard, Tuesday afternoon July 14? In case of rain, come Wednesday.
Yours most sincerely,

June Barrows Mussey