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New Home for Georgeville Historical Society

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--October 21, 2016.

At long last, a place to call home. Thanks to the generosity of Jacques Valiquette, the Georgeville Historical Society is moving its collection of artifacts and archival material to Jacques' carriage house. He has invited the GHS to use the spacious upper floor, well insulated and bright with natural light, as a secure site for its archives and also as a working centre.

“We are enormously grateful to Jacques for recognizing that our archives have matured to the point that they cannot be effectively used, scattered as they are in various places,” said Stephen Moore, president of the GHS. John Boynton's research, one of the cores of the GHS collection, was recently moved from his house to the rear room at the United Church. It is now in the carriage house. Here it has been joined by several thousand photos, many of Georgeville's 1997 bicentennial celebration, that were threatening to drive Judy Bachelder from house and home. All will be integrated in coming months with the Society's major collection of books and archives currently in the process of being moved from John and Janet Scott's house under the expert supervision of Gretchen Hatfield.

Jacques Valiquette, one of the founders of the GHS back in 1993 is now again a director. Stephen Moore added: “We hope to be able to welcome members to an open house at the Library and Archives before long in the new year.”