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InHerit Handbook: Creating Learning Projects for Schools and Communities

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--October 29, 2012.

larger_inherit_handbook_cover_website.jpgThis handbook shows how schools and communities can start to connect, and busts some myths that tend to hold good projects back. When these projects succeed, they often do so brilliantly. Teachers find their students curious in ways they haven’t seen before. Classroom behaviour improves and absenteeism rates drop. And everyone involved helps to enrich and share local knowledge.

There are challenges in getting projects off the ground. Success, it turns out, depends mainly on how well schools and volunteer groups communicate with each other, and this handbook guides you through the process.

This handbook is for all those who would like to build learning partnerships of their own in Quebec’s urban neighbourhoods, small towns and rural villages. It is based on a belief that society is well served when we come together to engage students’ curiosity about the places where they live.

The rewards of such partnerships are immense and well worth the effort. So if opportunity hasn’t knocked on your door yet, maybe it’s time to do some knocking of your own.