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Historic Paul Holland Knowlton House on the Move

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--October 15, 2014.

Wonderful work is in progress along Lakeside Road in Knowlton as the 200-year old log cabin of the founder of Knowlton is undergoing preparation for its move next week, 1.5 kilometers down the road, to its new home at the Brome County Historical Society museum.

At the Knowlton Golf Club where the historic house sits, Glen Whitehead and Proconstruc stripped off the many layers of exterior siding and interior wall and ceiling claddings, thus exposing the original 16 inch high logs. Revealed are pine logs from 1815 or earlier which, according to the contractor, are in astonishing shape on all four walls, as they have been so well protected over the years.

There will be a gap created by the removal of the chimney on the west wall (a later addition) and the original chimney (long gone) was located in the middle of the house. Lastly, the roof will be removed and the building readied to load onto the truck for the big move by Senay Transport of Granby.

The ministry of transport (MTQ) decides the exact time and date of the move, which is to be scheduled by or on October 17. Moving a house takes time, so do not be surprised if you are inconvenienced by a 20 x 32 foot log house on Lakeside Road - history on the move!
On October 6, excavation for the new foundation on the museum grounds was accomplished by Roch Vallières with incredible precision.

The same afternoon, a ground breaking ceremony was held with BCHS President Donald Gray-Donald, members of the BCHS Board, Judith Duncanson chair of the Paul Holland Knowlton House Committee, Town of Brome Lake Mayor Richard Burcombe and councillors Louise Morin and Karine Fortin.

Following this event, work was started by Peter Mason and Laborex to build the forms for the footings of the foundation and the cement was poured, thus completing a successful first day for the project.

On October 9, the forms for the foundation walls were installed and the cement was poured. On the 10th, Vallières backfilled the foundation walls and levelled the ground, providing a seamless job all around. Next, Quilliams Electric will be providing the electrical service to the site.
We are grateful to the restoration team of David Kininmonth, architectural consultant, Glen Whitehead of Proconstruc and Richard Santo, BCHS Board, for their expertise in making all this happen with such efficiency, lack of stress and whilst maintaining a neat worksite at each location.
It has been heartwarming to see the care with which this phase of the project has been executed by the community. The Town of Brome Lake has been very supportive and enabled all concerned to successfully prepare the house and museum site with ease. This is truly an impressive project and we are thankful!

The P.H. Knowlton House Committee would like to thank its many donors and contributors and remind all that this is just the first phase of the restoration - we are thrilled with the progress and with the generosity of local suppliers and contractors - but we have more to do - the roof needs to be rebuilt and reinstalled - we need doors and windows, the floors need to be refinished - and on it goes - hence more funds are required and we would be grateful for any contributions!

Judith Duncanson, 450-242-2491,, For the Paul Holland Knowlton House Committee. Donations by cheque payable to the ‘’Townshippers’ Foundation’’ and writing ‘’PHK House’’ on the front. Tax receipts issued for donations of $25 or more. Please include your full name, address, telephone number and email and send to 100-257 rue Queen, Sherbrooke, QC, J1M 1K7.