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Historic Hamlet of Mystic Under Threat!

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--April 30, 2014.

Historic Hamlet of Mystic in Danger! Sign the Online Petition!

Mystic, one of southern Quebec’s most picturesque hamlets, is at risk.

Don't let this beautiful historical house be destroyed to make room for an ugly apartment building!! Mystic is an authentic hamlet renowned for its "old time" charm! Every year its beautiful sceneries and historical houses/museum/exhibitions attract hundreds of tourists, do NOT let this be ruined by new constructions. Mystic's charm must be preserved at ALL cost! So many other beautiful places in Quebec have been RUINED this way, please show everybody how Mystic stays true to its original beauty and how it does a great job at preserving it!

2 other houses have been bought by another owner and he's also planing to put them down to build NEW constructions on them!!! These houses are part of our HERITAGE, and they CAN be preserved!!! Other people were ready to buy it in order to do so. This hotel could be turned into a museum, a concert venue, an art exhibition venue, or even just kept as a hotel or a house, if the care and money was put into renovating it instead of into building appartments. Thank you for your signatures, this is a matter of great importance for Quebec heritage!

Please click here to sign the online petition: