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--September 29, 2014.

At a special meeting of the Board of Directors of the Brome County Historical Society (BCHS) on September 26, 2014, the Board of Directors unanimously voted in favour of moving the Paul Holland Knowlton (PHK) house on the grounds of the museum by mid October 2014.

In conjunction with the PHK House Committee, the BCHS is pleased to announce that the 200-year log cabin will be moved onto a permanent location when it is moved from its current site at the Knowlton Golf Club. The cost of the move will be assumed by the golf club as per its agreement with the Town of Brome Lake.

A specific site location has been identified and the process of preparing the foundation is underway. It was deemed important by all concerned that the foundation be poured and cured before the frost season is upon us and also with the timeline of the move.

The BCHS will assume ownership of the PHK as it arrives on the foundation. A BCHS project manager has been named to oversee the overall process.

The project has been made possible due to the dedication of the Paul Holland Knowlton House Committee who has successfully raised funds and pledges in excess of $50,000, which is more than enough to kick-start this project by installing the house on a new foundation. As the restoration will be handled in phases, this is the fundamental portion to be completed before the winter. The PHK House committee will continue its successful fund raising activities until the house is fully restored.

A team of local qualified contractors, who are well-known for their expertise to provide quality restoration were retained for this project by the BCHS subsequent to their planning activities with the PHK House committee. These businesses are also contributing significantly in the form of donations for the required work and materials.

We also wish to thank all the donors, individuals and businesses, who have so generously contributed so that this decision could be realized and this phase of the historic restoration can begin in earnest.

About the PHK House:

The house built early in the 1800's was purchased in 1815 and occupied by the town's founder P.H. Knowlton for a number of years, until he moved into the village to begin construction on his mills.

This original home of P. H. Knowlton, with the goal of restoring this 1815 building, is in keeping with all of its old charm and character. The building still boasts original logs, timbers and flooring which will be fully evaluated, once the house is on its foundation and all the exterior cladding has been removed.