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Former Church Rotting into the Ground

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larger_Former.Church.Tomifobia.JPG--August 25, 2010

Is there any symbol more poignant of our dwindling rural communities, any sign more obvious that organized religion no longer holds the place in our society that it once did, than an abandoned church? There is perhaps no church, or rather former church, in the Eastern Townships that is in a sadder state of repair (or lack of it) than the former United Church in Tomifobia.

The church, which was built as a Methodist Church around 1890, went into a long period of decline in the middle of the twentieth century. In the end, the parishioners were too few in number to maintain the church as a place of worship, and, about twenty-five years ago, the building was sold.

Since that time, the building has basically been abandoned, and the once lovely edifice has deteriorated to well beyond the point of no return. Last winter, in fact, the roof on the steeple, which has gradually become detached from the rest of the building, actually collapsed. How long this old church will withstand the elements is anyone's guess. For now, it has been fenced off and is strictly off limits to passers-by. The current owner could not be reached for comment.


Update: De : Municipalité

De : Municipalité Ogden []
Envoyé : 15 février 2013 13:33
À : xxxxxxxxxx
Objet : RE: Abandoned church in Tomifobia

Good afternoon,

The church in question is not abondoned and the owner will be submitting plans on its re-construction in the near future.

Thank you

Ogden Town Hall