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Finishing Touches on Stanstead South United Church

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medium_ssuc.jpg--September 9, 2009

The finishing touches in the restoration work are under way at Stanstead South United Church, on Church Street in Stanstead. Ongoing for the past few weeks, work on the old church has been funded in part by the Fonds du patrimoine religieux du Quebec. The province’s Ministry of Culture rates the church as a “superior” in terms of its heritage significance.

Built in 1876 as a Congregationalist church, Stanstead South has had an interesting history. Since even before the church’s construction, the congregation has been international in character, attracting members from both Quebec and Vermont. Indeed, the U.S. border is within sight of the building.

The Stanstead South congregation was actually the first Congregationalist church established in Lower Canada ( Quebec). The congregation dates back to 1816. In the 1920s, the Congregationalists merged with the Methodists and the Presbyterians to form the United Church of Canada.

Stanstead South Church is built in the Gothic Revival style. Its main features are its strikingly steep clock tower and roof line, and the triangular motifs (symbolizing the Holy Trinity) that appear throughout the façade. The church has been cited a historic monument by the Town of Stanstead.