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Filming Continues on QAHN's "Scandal Makers" Cemetery Documentaries

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--September 1, 2021.

larger_ways_mills_cemetery_august_31_2021_0.jpgThe filming of QAHN's second "Scandal Makers" mini-documentary series is continuing throughout the summer and fall.

larger_clearing_off_mr._hollisters_grave_way_mills_aug_31_2021.jpgThis series, which spotlights the seamier side of life in the Eastern Townships in days gone by, is set entirely in the region's graveyards. The focus is on some of the less than savory characters who left their mark on the region's history and who are buried in various local cemeteries.

The first series took place in Missisquoi County and was narrated by Heather Darch, with filming, editing and drone operation by Thomas Gasser. The new series is set in Stanstead and Compton Counties and features Heather Darch, together with guest speakers Kathy Curtis of the Colby-Curtis Museum and QAHN president Grant Myers, and local historian Anne Leydet. The films in this new series will be premiered this coming fall.

This week, the crew was in beautiful, historic Way's Mills.

To view the first series, visit QAHN's Youtube channel at: