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Colby-Curtis Museum Barn Dance Fundraiser a Big Success

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--September 8, 2015.

By popular demand the Second Annual Barn Dance was held on August 8. Over 200 people gathered at Harry and Danielle’s barn in Ogden.

Guests were given a square-dancing demonstration and invited to participate in the fun. We then sat down to a delicious méchoui. The band “Classic Boulevard” had everyone rocking through the night. During a pause, a successful live and silent auction was held. As climax to the proceedings, Harry Isbrucker lit a giant bonfire visible for miles around. It was a magical evening, with perfect weather and a spirited expression of community feeling.

Auction items included a dinner for eight at Paul Bannerman’s beautiful log cabin, a stay at the Colby’s home in Boston, a Cessna plane ride, tickets to an Orford Festival Concert, tickets to Le Grand Cru as well as tickets for the Ayer’s Cliff Fair. We thank our sponsors: Pierre Reid, Hubert Saigniers, Caisse Desjardins, Gretchen and Robbie Colby, Paul Bannerman, Pierre and Nicole Fontaine and André l’Espérance for supporting this fundraising. We are happy to announce that the Barn Dance turned a profit of over $13,500 for the Stanstead Historical Society and Colby-Curtis Museum.