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Colby-Curtis Director Moving On

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--February 28, 2013.

larger_museum.director_1.jpgPierre Rastoul no longer occupies the position of director-curator at the Colby-Curtis Museum, the Stanstead Historical Society announced this week. The historical society and Rastoul, who managed the museum on a daily basis for about five years, and who mounted some excellent exhibitions during his tenure, including the current one about the history of printing in the Eastern Townships, have "agreed to a new relationship," according to Ann Montgomery, president of the SHS.

That relationship, Montgomery said in a letter to members and friends of the museum, "will see Pierre give up the director part of his responsibilities while remaining available as a consultant to work with the SHS on exhibitions and other projects."

Filling the vacancy on a temporary basis, as he has done on several occasions, is Harry Isbrucker, a long-time member of the board. Isbrucker, Montgomery said, has "stepped into the breach to help with administrative matters until the board has decided how to ensure the best management arrangement for the museum."

Meanwhile, the Colby-Curtis continues to be closed until the spring. In fact, it has been closed every day except Tuesdays since the beginning of December. This measure – a temporary one -- was taken due to a budget shortfall, the second one in as many years. The museum is scheduled to reopen, however, at the beginning of April.

Work continues on the museum’s new and improved solarium, an annex built onto the south side of the building. The solarium has been completely rebuilt in the architectural style of the rest of the house.

Plans are afoot for a number of other events, as well. New exhibitions are being organized, as is a special Mother's Day Tea in May. That event will be held in the soon-to-be-completed solarium. The public are being asked for donations of Victorian-style (i.e., preferably fine bone china) tea cups to help equip the refurbished tea room. Finally, an annual general meeting is being planned for the month of June.

The Colby-Curtis Museum is located at 535 Dufferin in Stanstead. For the time being, the museum (including the archives) are open on Tuesdays only. For more information, call (819) 876-7322.