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The Bromont Summits Park – builder campaign: A long-lasting gift to show your true nature

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--December 12, 2016.

Protégeons Bromont, the Société de conservation du Mont Brome, Appalachian Corridor and les Amis des sentiers de Bromont are proud to join the Nature Conservancy of Canada in launching the official fundraising campaign to secure the 370 acres (150 hectares) needed for the future Bromont Summits Park.

“We are impressed by the level of commitment to protecting natural environments that this project has aroused. In recognizing the importance and the value of the ecological assets on its territory, the community has shown its collective wisdom. We wholeheartedly support this project, which will benefit everyone, today and in the future. Through the builder campaign, we are asking for a final push to bring this commitment to life,” they stated jointly.

A park for all
The project for a park adjacent to the Ski Bromont resort involves the Nature Conservancy of Canada securing 370 acres (150 hectares, or 278 football fields) of unique natural environments in Bromont. These will be added to 39 acres (16 hectares) in the area that are already protected by the Société de conservation du Mont Brome as well as 47 contiguous acres (19 hectares) of municipal recreational area. The project provides for access to the summits of Mt. Bernard and Mt. Spruce, as well as to a network of 34 km of non-motorized, multi-purpose trails with low environmental impact. Half of these trails will be within the park itself and will connect to the existing municipal trail, while the other half will consist in easements outside of the park on the property of Bromont, montagne d’expériences. This securement project follows almost four years of awareness-raising and negotiation, as the community has shown a great interest in safeguarding the last great unfragmented forest of Mont Brome against real estate development.

One year to gather the funds necessary to purchase the park*

Under the agreement signed with the landowners, the community now has until February 1st, 2018 to gather the funds necessary to purchase the property. The overall budget is $8.25M, which includes the sale price of $7.25M and related costs, such as the applicable sales taxes, as well as a management fund to ensure long-term protection. Of this amount, $3.25M have been secured thus far, and we hope to reach the goal with your participation. If sufficient funds are not raised, it is likely that part of this property will be developed, with a road of 2.1 km long and up to 27 houses. To protect this valuable area, please give!

*Until February 1st, 2018, the land remains private property.

How can I make a donation?
Make a financial donation to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, indicating that it is intended for the Bromont Summits Park:

By cheque payable to the Nature Conservancy of Canada – 55 Mont-Royal West, Montreal, Quebec, H2T 2S6
By credit card or bank transfer, using our secure web page:
By donating stock (visit the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s website for further information)

Major donors ($1,000 or more) will be entitled to have their name engraved at the belvedere on the summit of Mt. Bernard during the park’s inauguration. Donations in any amount will be appreciated! We encourage a minimum donation of $250. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $20 or more. Remember that you can invest double the amount you initially planned for, by leveraging tax returns of up to 50%. All of this will help the park!

I have already given, what else can I do?

Challenge your family and friends on Facebook to match or beat your donation!
You want to recommend potential donors? Please contact Michel Matteau at
You own a property adjoining the future park and want to protect it? Get in touch with the Société de conservation du Mont Brome at 514 949-0099.

A unique, everlasting gift, for yourself or to share –
Give, and show your true nature!