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150 years Coaticook – A photographic journey

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--September 6, 2014.

Launch of a new photo exhibition at Townshippers’ Day

As part of the exhibition series DISCOVER YOUR PAST, the Eastern Townships Resource Centre is proud to announce the launch of its latest photo exhibition. “150 years Coaticook – A photographic journey” presents the daily life in Coaticook over the last 15 decades. For the city’s anniversary, the Eastern Townships Resource Centre and the Coaticook Historical Society searched their archives for the most beautiful and significant photographs to show how life was in the past.

Discover how Main Street has changed over the years, how train and car made their first appearance in the city and what it meant to live in Coaticook and the surrounding area. Visit the bar of the Half-Way-Hotel to have drink with the travelers, see the proud Coaticook Fire Brigade and observe the changes marked by the style of clothing, architecture and the quality and setting of the photographs.

Some of the buildings have long since disappeared and only the older ones among us might remember them, but surely you will discover familiar places and see them in a new way. So regardless if you were born in Coaticook, recently moved here or simply a visitor, “150 years Coaticook – A photographic journey” may spark memories of your own past - surely you will see the city with different eyes.

The exhibition can be visited from September 13th until November 20th at the Coaticook Historical Society, located on the second floor of the Coaticook Public Library, 34 Main East.