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Looking for the Woolls Bridge

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--July 25, 2011.

Dear Editor,

My researh about my great great grandfather Colonel Aubry Woolls, who was sent over to Quebec by Queen Victoria to settle the Finian Raids on the Quebec/Vermont border indicates that a covered bridge was named after him in the Eastern Townships.

I have visited his grave and his homestead near Stanstead in the late '80s, but have failed to find the bridge!

The interesting thing about this man is that he was 54 when he came to Canada and was a widow with 11 children left in England. He met his second wife, Beth Miller at a Coutillion, when she was 18 years old - married her and had another 11 children! ! ! My Great Grand mother (his daughter) was Emmelyn Woolls.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

I am so thrilled to have found this web site as both myself and the father of my children had Quebec roots. I called us Anglo-Quebecois and any information you can give would be wonderful!

My other Quebec family names are: Stackhouse, Batten, Plow, as well as the fact that Emmelyn and her sister married the Fesseden Brothers - cousin to Reginald Fesseden.

Thank you for this consideration,


Judy Stackhouse Juelsberg