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Battalion Band of Granby: Please Help!

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--January 9, 2010

Dear Editor,

larger_batallion.band_.jpgI'm contacting you because I've been trying to gather more information on the history of Quebec's military bands. I came across an old picture in my genealogical research of the 79th Battalion Band of Granby, Quebec. Family tells me that my great-great-grandfather and his seven or so brothers were members of this band. They were members of the Billings family of Granby, sons of Henri Billings, the baker.

The photo is faded, but I've attached it. If you any more about the history of the battalion, or the bands, or how these bands were formed and used, please contact me. Also, if you can date the photo, I'd welcome the help (I'm estimating c. 1900).

Thanks very much!

Sarah E. Koske