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Over 1,200 visitors at Merry House for Grand Opening!

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--July 24, 2018.

The Merry House is proud to have welcomed more than 1,200 people during its first opening day on Sunday, July 22, 2018. The atmosphere was joyful and visitors kept coming to visit the exhibitions and discover the interior and exterior of the House. A very successful opening day!

Despite the gray weather, visitors lined up impatiently in front of the doors, waiting for their opening. The first person who crossed the threshold of the House, Juanita McKelvey, had the honor of cutting the red ribbon, thus marking the important milestone that is the official opening of the Merry House to the general public.

Afterwards, visitors wandered through the various showrooms, discovering the restored, renovated, and newly constructed interior of the Merry House. The team was also fortunate to receive the last owners of the House, the Fields family, for a VIP visit.

"We are extremely happy to finally be able to share our beautiful Merry House with the general public. We worked hard to get here and the result is well worth the effort! "says Sophie Charbonneau, Executive Director.

At the end of the day, a concert and a wine of friendship were offered to some 200 visitors still on site. The Rémi Cormier Quartet offered a nice jazz performance under the tent. A special thanks to Orford Music and Jean and Jocelyne Monty for their support and collaboration.

Special Events
Throughout the summer, the Merry House will host various events, for the pleasure of all the family:
→ Thursday, July 26, 6 pm ($ 20): Violin Concert
→ Thursday, August 2, 6 pm ($ 20): Flute Concert
→ Friday, August 3, 9 pm ($ 7): Outdoor Cinema (The Piano Lesson)
→ Thursday, August 9, 6 pm ($ 20): Piano Concert
→ Sunday, August 19th, from 1 pm to 4 pm ($ 9/adult, $ 30/family): Simulations of Archaeological Excavations

For information and reservations: 819 201-0727 /

About the Merry House
The Merry House is a citizen site of memory that presents Magog’s history and that of the region from the time of the Aboriginal peoples and the American settlers, up to today. Property of the City of Magog, the oldest house in urban Magog is managed by the Corporation de la maison Merry. Its mandate is to develop and promote the new citizen site of memory for the benefit Magog’s residents and visitors, through various fun and interactive exhibitions and activities.