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QAHN's "Heritage Talks" Lecture Series presents "The Business of War," with Caitlin Bailey, Director and Curator of the Great War Centre in Montreal

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March 10, 2018
1:30-2:30 p.m.
Entry Fees: 
Free admission.
Old Court House, Brome County Museum, 15 St. Paul, Knowlton, Qc.


Businesses of all types and sizes participated in support of Canada’s war effort from the moment the Governor General officially declared war on Germany in the summer of 1914. Private-sector involvement in the First World War is usually portrayed as uniformly corrupt and inefficient, but the nature of this participation was actually much more diverse, with lasting consequences for the future of Canada’s industrial economy as a whole.

Originally created as a travelling exhibition in 2017 this talk explores the many surprising ways in which various businesses and industries helped Canada fulfil her obligations to the Mother Country while contributing towards the emergence and development of a sense of Canadian nationhood. Presented by Caitlin Bailey, “The Business of War” brings a fresh perspective to our historical understanding of World War I and its implications for Canadian society. Since its inception, the exhibition has been shown in a number of cities across the country and has been seen by more than 5 000 visitors to date, attracting media coverage in such publications as the Calgary Herald and the Winnipeg Free Press, among others.

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