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Lecture-Luncheon: "Forgotten: British Home Children in the Eastern Townships," with Sandra Joyce and Karen Mahoney

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May 06, 2017
10:30 a.m.
Entry Fees: 
$15 for SHS members; $20 for non-members.

Sandra Joyce, Vice-President, and Karen Mahoney, President, of the British Home Child Group International, will talk about the history of the young boys and girls who were sent to Canada from the United Kingdom, from the 1850s to 1948, to work as indentured farm workers and domestic servants. Many boys were sent to the Gibbs Home in Sherbrooke and were placed with local families and subsequently settled in the Eastern Townships. In February 2017 The Canadian House of Commons adopted a motion to apologize for the experience of the British Home Children.

Please call 819 876-7322 to reserve your place.