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Lecture-Luncheon: Anne Leydet, "Secret Gems of Stanstead County : The extraordinary story of Miss Jennie Audinwood"

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May 05, 2018
10:30 a.m.
Entry Fees: 
$15.00 per person
Colby-Curtis Museum, 535 Dufferin, Stanstead, Qc

This story begins in the mid 19th century and covers nearly 100 years, a period rich in major developments on the North American continent. It is about a young woman, British-born, who, having settled in Way’ Mills, lived a life that was totally out of the ordinary. Miss Jennie’s destiny did not lie in the barns of the milk farms or within the four walls of a textile factory, nor was it her lot to raise and feed numerous children in the harsh living conditions of many Townshippers of that era.

Jennie Audinwood’s life was closely intertwined with the booming expansion of railroads, with the consequent beginnings of tourism in North America and the glorious decades of the seasonal grand hotels. It was a life well-travelled, starting in Way’s Mills, Stanstead County, making its way to Crawford Notch in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, and crossing the continent to reach the orange and citrus groves of Pasadena, nestled between the San Rafael Hills and the San Gabriel Mountains of California. It was a life enriched by encounters with literary figures, artists of the paintbrush, and world-renowned politicians. It was also a life where true love bloomed in later years.

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