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Townships Trivia: Politics

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--February 3, 2017.

1) Which Father of Confederation and Townships resident had once called for the annexation of Canada to the United States?
a) Sir John A. Macdonald
b) Sir George Lennox
c) Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt
d) All of the above

2) Who represented the County of Missisquoi from 1948 to 1973, and served as Premier of Quebec from 1968 to 1970?
a) René Levesque
b) Pierre Paradis
c) Daniel Johnson Jr.
d) Jean-Jacques Bertrand

3) Which political party did this person represent?
a) The Liberals
b) The Union Nationale
c) The Conservative Party of Quebec
d) The Creditistes

4) Who served as Premier of Quebec in 1936 and again from 1939 to 1944? He owned a farmhouse outside of Frelighsburg.
a) Maurice Duplessis
b) Sir Wilfrid Laurier
c) Daniel Johnson Sr.
d) Joseph-Adélard Godbout

5) The first Premier to have been born in the Townships (Sainte-Anne-de-Danville, to be precise) was who?
a) Daniel Johnson Sr.
b) Daniel Johnson Jr.
c) Pierre-Marc Johnson
d) Jean Charest

6) The only Townships-born Prime Minister of Canada was who? (Hint: he was from Compton)
a) Louis St-Laurent
b) Paul Martin
c) Jean Charest
d) Sir John A. Macdonald

7) Which Sherbrooke-born politician had a long career in both provincial and federal politics, culminating with a nine-year stint as Premier of Quebec?
a) Sir Wilfrid Laurier
b) René Levesque
c) Jean Charest
d) Maurice Duplessis

8) And what political parties did this person represent provincially and federally?
a) Liberals (provincial); Progressive Conservatives (federal)
b) Union Nationale (provincial); Conservatives (federal)
c) Parti Québécois (provincial); Bloc Québécois (federal)
d) Liberals (provincial); Liberals (federal)

9) Which Prime Minister of Canada once edited a local newspaper in L'Avenir in the Eastern Townships?
a) Louis St-Laurent
b) Paul Martin
c) Stephen Harper
d) Sir Wilfrid Laurier

10) Which of the following Prime Ministers has not lived in the Townships?
a) Paul Martin
b) Louis St-Laurent
c) Sir Wilfrid Laurier
d) Sir Charles Tupper

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