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Townships Trivia: Oddities (answers)

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1) b. The twelve-sided Walbridge Barn is unique in the world.
2) c. The Canada-U.S. border runs right through the Haskell Opera House. The stage is located on the Canadian side of the building, while most of the seats are in the U.S. The door to the opera house is in the United States, but Canadians don't need to go through customs!
3) d. Saint-Armand's Guthrie covered bridge is only 14.9 metres (45 feet), making it the province's smallest covered bridge. Built in 1845, it is also the oldest.
4) d. Eccles Hill, the site of the infamous Fenian Raid of 1870.
5) a. Owl's Head is the site of an annual outdoor lodge meeting held by Golden Rule Lodge #5 of Stanstead.
6) b. Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, Quebec's only Monastic municipality, has an area of 240 hectares and a population of 50.
7) c. An international post office, divided in two by the Canada-U.S. border, operated for many years in Beebe. It had two doors, two postal counters and (for a time) two postmasters. Although the post office is no longer in service, the building still stands.
8) a. Coaticook's famous "long barn," built in 1912 by breeder Eugene Baldwin, was, according to Guinness, the world's longest barn in its day.
9) c. Saint-Malo, which is 640 metres above sea level at its highest point.
10) d. Memphre, duh!