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Townships Trivia: Oddities

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--October 21, 2016.

1) What architectural landmark is the little village of Mystic most famous for?
a) The former convent of the Ursuline Nuns
b) A unique twelve-side barn
c) Quebec's tallest cell tower
d) All of the above

2) Where in the Townships can you perform on a stage to an audience sitting in another country?
a) The Abercorn Theatre in Abercorn
b) The Orford Arts Centre in Highwater
c) The Haskell Opera House in Stanstead
d) Nowhere, that's just crazy

3) Where is Quebec's smallest covered bridge located?
a) Milby
b) Fitch Bay
c) Iron Hill
d) Saint-Armand

4) Where in the Townships is there a monument to an Irish invasion?
a) Beebe Plain
b) Sutton
c) Gould
d) Eccles Hill

5) Where is Canada's only outdoor Masonic lodge room located?
a) Owl's Head Mountain
b) Mount Orford
c) Mount Megantic
d) All of the above

6) In terms of both area and population, what is the smallest municipality in the Townships?
a) Saint-Venant-de-Paquette
b) Saint-Benoît-du-Lac
c) Sainte-Alphonsine-de-la Bénédiction
d) Ogden

7) Where was the world's only international post office located?
a) Highwater, Quebec, and North Troy, Vermont
b) Stanhope, Quebec, and Norton, Vermont
c) Beebe, Quebec, and Beebe, Vermont
d) None of the above

8) Where can the longest barn in the Eastern Townships be seen?
a) Coaticook
b) Richmond
c) Eaton Corner
d) Sherbrooke

9) In terms of altitude, which is Quebec's highest village?
a) Sainte-Edwidge
b) Stornoway
c) Saint-Malo
d) Lac-Mégantic

10) What mythical creature is said to dwell in the frigid depths of Lake Memphremagog?
a) Nessie
b) Bessie
c) Messy
d) Memphre

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