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Townships Trivia: More Oddities

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--October 22, 2016.

1) Where is the largest open-pit asbestos mine in the Western Hemisphere located?
a) Thetford Mines
b) Graniteville
c) Asbestos
d) Marbleton

2) Where is there a street named CANUSA?
a) Potton
b) Abercorn
c) Sutton
d) Beebe

3) Which village was once known as Slab City?
a) Frelighsburg
b) Pike River
c) Cherry River
d) Bury

4) Which village was once called Sucker City?
a) Fitch Bay
b) Cherry River
c) Pike River
d) Lennoxville

5) True or false: Jefferson Davis, former President of the Confederacy, once too refuge in the Townships
a) True
b) False
c) Not at all sure

6) Which Townships place name commemorates an infamous counterfeiter?
a) Scotstown
b) Melbourne
c) Burrough's Falls
d) All of the above

7) What is/was a "line house"?
a) A house built on the line between two municipalities
b) A house straddling the Canada-U.S. border
c) A house whose barn and outbuildings are all oriented in a straight line
d) All of the above.

8) Which of the following place names is not of Abenaki origin?
a) Coaticook
b) Cookshire
c) Megantic
d) Memphremagog

9) Lord Dufferin has streets (and a golf course) named after him all over the Townships. Who was he?
a) A governor general of Canada who toured the region
b) The author of a best-selling travel log
c) A popular courtier under Queen Victoria
d) All of the above.

10) Outside of the Island of Montreal, where is Quebec's largest Protestant stone church located?
a) Sherbrooke
b) Stanstead
c) Cookshire
d) Philipsburg

Click here for the answers! But nooooooo peeking!!