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Townships Trivia: Legends and Lore

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1. According to folklore, why were round barns round?

a) Because the darkened corners found in traditional barns were thought to harbour the devil
b) Because it was harder to clean the manure out of the corners found in traditional barns
c) Because children could avoid chores by hiding in the corners found in traditional barns

2. How did Owl's Head Mountain get its name?

a) The summit resembles the head of an owl
b) The mountain is said to be named after Abenaki Chief "Owl"
c) Huge numbers of owls used to inhabit the mountain, reputedly swooping down on picnickers

3. What legendary creature is said to inhabit Lake Memphremagog?

a) Ogopogo
b) Magog the Giant
c) Memphré

4. Why were Rogers' Rangers pursued by the St. Francis Abenakis?

a) Because the Rangers had ventured into Abenaki hunting grounds
b) Because the Rangers had sacked and burned an Abenaki village, killing many people
c) Because the Rangers had tried to convert the Abenakis to the Catholic religion

5. Why is the Quebec-Vermont border a crooked line?

a) Because the survey team was drunk
b) Because the survey team was incompetent
c) We'll never know for sure, but either of the above is a safe bet

6. Why were covered bridges sometimes referred to as "kissing bridges"?

a) Because the sound of horses' hooves echoing in the rafters resembled a kissing sound
b) Because birds loved to mate and roost in the eaves of these bridges
c) Because they were a good place for lovers to meet

7. Which of the following place names is an Abenaki word?

a) Cookshire
b) Coaticook
c) Sherbrooke

8. What was the "horseless carriage"?

a) A haunted stagecoach that was said to frequent the back roads of Compton County during full moons
b) A term for a carriage whose horse had come unhitched along a bumpy road
c) An early nickname for the motor car

9. A breakaway republic was declared along the Eastern Townships-New Hampshire border in 1832. What was the name of this short-lived "country"?

a) The Connecticut River Republic
b) The Indian Stream Republic
c) The Northeast Kingdom

10. Which crossroads near Ayer's Cliff is named after a notorious con artist and counterfeiter?

a) Way's Mills
b) Burrough's Falls
c) Cassville

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