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Townships Trivia: Lake Memphremagog

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1) What is the former name of the town of Magog?
a) Magog Crossing
b) The Outlet
c) Cherry River
d) Merry's Corners
e) Saint-Patrice-de-Memphré

2) Which of the following municipalities does NOT border Lake Memphremagog?
a) Ogden
b) Bolton-Est
c) Austin
d) Saint-Benoît-du-Lac
e) Fitch Bay

3) Captain George Washington Fogg was…
a) The first captain of the steamer Mountain Maid.
b) A captain of the steamer Lady of the Lake.
c) One of the builders of Mountain House, a hotel at the foot of Owl's Head.
d) None of the above
e) All of the above.

4) What crosses the Fitch Bay Narrows?
a) A ferry.
b) A covered bridge.
c) A suspension bridge.
d) A footbridge.
e) A large flock of geese every autumn.

5) The lyrics to what famous song were composed on the shores of Lake Memphremagog?
a) God Save the Queen.
b) Memphremagog the Beautiful.
c) O Canada.
d) Stairway to Heaven.
e) Give Peace a Chance.

6) What famous landmark burned down in 1907?
a) Elephantis Hotel in Georgeville.
b) Memphremagog House in Newport.
c) The home of Sir Hugh Allan on Belmere Point.
d) None of the above.
e) All of the above.

7) What event takes place annually atop Mount Owl's Head.
a) A hunting party.
b) An outdoor Masonic lodge meeting.
c) Monthly meetings of Magog City Council.
d) A surveyors' convention.
e) The annual convention of Memphré Sighters Anonymous.

8) What buildings once lined the lakeshore all the way from Newport, Vermont to Magog, Quebec?
a) Customs houses (to curb smuggling on the lake).
b) Lighthouses (so that the steamships wouldn't crash on the rocks).
c) Prisons (so that rumrunners could be locked up).
d) Chapels (so that pilgrims could stop to pray).
e) All of the above.

9) Which of the following does not flow into Lake Memphremagog?
a) The Magog River.
b) The Black River.
c) The Clyde River.
d) The Barton River.
e) Castle Brook.

10) Which mountain overlooks Memphremagog from the north?
a) Owl's Head.
b) Orford.
c) Elephantis.
d) Sutton.
e) Glen.

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