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Townships Trivia: General Interest (Answers)

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1. c) Potato whisky. According to early Townships historian Benjamin Hubbard, a bushel of potatoes yielded about a gallon (4.5 litres) of whisky. Said Hubbard: "In some cases, the whisky trade was profitable, but its general tendency was to exhaust the farms and blight the prospects of the early settlers."
2. a) The roads were terrible or non-existent.
3. b) The Temperance Movement. Prohibition was a later offshoot.
4. b) The Asbestos Strike of 1949, which was unprecedented in Quebec history for its level of union solidarity.
5. a) The Massawippi Valley Railway. Immediately upon completion, the railway was leased for 999 years to the Connecticut and Passumpsic Railway.
6. b) The Granada Theatre, an architectural treasure, still stands today.
7. b) The Outlet, so-named because Magog is situated at the outlet of Lake Memphremagog.
8. b) Hector Macdonald, owned by Miss Beatrice McClarty, was Canada's largest St. Bernard. Hector measured 7 feet 10 inches (2.4 metres) in length and weighed 246 pounds (112 kg.).
9. a) Freemasons from far and wide meet in an annual ritual at the summit of Owl's Head.
10. b) Coaticook. A major attraction at the Coaticook Gorge, the bridge measures 169 metres.