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Townships Trivia: General Interest

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1) What beverage did early Townships pioneers derive from one of their first crops?
a) Pumpkin schnapps
b) Carrot wine
c) Potato whisky

2) Up until well into the 1830s, Townshippers complained often for better services. One of their biggest gripes was that they could not get their produce to market. Why was that?
a) Roads were terrible or non-existent.
b) They had no horses to transport their goods, and what horses they did have were lame
c) The fares on the public bus system were too expensive

3. In the mid-1800s, an anti-alcohol movement gained ground in the Townships. What was this movement called?
a) Prohibition
b) Temperance
c) Alcoholics Anonymous

4. A major labour strike in one sector of the economy crippled that sector for several months in 1949. What sector was it?
a) The civil service
b) The asbestos industry
c) The railroads

5.What railroad company built a link from Lennoxville to Beebe, on the Vermont border, in 1870?
a) The Massawippi Valley Railway Company
b) The South Eastern Railway
c) The Grand Trunk Railway

6. A splendid movie theatre was built on Wellington Street in downtown Sherbrooke in 1929. What was its name?
a) The Palace
b) The Granada
c) The Imperial

7. What is the former name of Magog?
a) Cherry River
b) The Outlet
c) Bolton Mills

8. Hector Macdonald, of Sutton, passed away in 1907 at age 7. What was Hector's claim to fame?
a) He was the tallest child on record
b) He was the largest St. Bernard in Canada
c) He was heaviest show pig in North America

9. Who meets once a year atop Owl's Head Mountain?
a) Freemasons from far and wide
b) The Quebec Downhill Skiing Association
c) The Quebec Liberal Party

10. Where is the world's longest suspended pedestrian bridge located?
a) Drummondville
b) Coaticook
c) Granby

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