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Townships Photo Trivia: Name That Disaster! #2

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--December 16, 2016.

larger_1_1.jpg1) Which village, now a part of Bromont, lost its Catholic Church to fire in 1916?
a) Shefford
b) West Shefford
c) Adamsville
d) Fulford

2) Which institution burned to the ground in Farnham that same year?
a) The orphanage
b) The hospital
c) The church
d) The barracks

3) Farnham was hit by a succession of fires in the early years of the twentieth century, including in 1911, 1912 and 1916. This one broke out in January 1912 and destroyed what institution?
a) A private "collège"
b) The water works
c) The glove factory
d) The barracks

4) Here, crews are posing during the delicate operation of hoisting the locomotive at the foot of a collapsed railway trestle in Eastman in 1907. How many people died in this train wreck?
a) 2
b) 9
c) 27
d) 59

5) The steamer Mayflower, built for A. P. Le Baron, sank in 1892 off of Black Point on what lake?
a) Lake Memphremagog
b) Lake Megantic
c) Lake Massawippi
d) Lake Orford

6) In 1927, some of the worst flooding on record occurred in New England and southern Quebec. Many covered bridges were literally swept away by the swollen rivers. The bridge seen here spanned what river near Beebe?
a) The Massawippi River
b) The Tomifobia River
c) The Magog River
d) The St. Lawrence River

7) During that same flood, the Wyman Bridge in what village further upstream from Beebe survived the raging waters?
a) Coaticook
b) Rock Island
c) Tomifobia
d) Ayer's Cliff

8) Church steeples are susceptible to damage. This photo of St. Patrice Catholic Church after a heavy wind storm was taken in what town?
a) Sherbrooke
b) Granby
c) Waterville
d) Magog

9) 1942 was another flood year in the Townships. This view shows Lansdowne Market in which town?
a) Magog
b) Drummondville
c) Sherbrooke
d) No clue

10) This fire broke out in 1949 on Child Street in what town?
a) Cowansville
b) Coaticook
c) Cookshire
d) Compton

All photos courtesy of the Matthew Farfan Collection.

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