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Townships Photo Trivia: Name That Disaster!

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--November 18, 2016.

larger_1_0.jpg1) Flooding took place in early fall, 1924. What town do we see here?
a) Sherbrooke
b) Magog
c) Drummondville
d) Granby

larger_2_0.jpg2) In 1910 when this photo was taken, most buildings were made of wood. Water pressure was poor, and firefighting equipment rudimentary. Fires, with devastating affects, were all too common. This fire took place in what village in Potton Township?
a) Knowlton
b) Mansonville
c) Highwater
d) Bolton Centre

larger_3.jpg3) This 1911 photo illustrates what could result when a fire broke out in winter. This fire occurred at which Townships hotel?
a) The Château Windsor Mills in Windsor Mills
b) The Tower House in Waterville
c) The Château Frontenac in Sherbrooke
d) The Windsor Hotel in Granby

larger_4_0.jpg4) This fire, also in 1911, burned a large portion of which Missisquoi County village?
a) Bedford
b) Cowansville
c) Frelighsburg
d) Farnham

larger_5.jpg5) This 1932 fire consumed a landmark in downtown Rock Island. What was it called?
a) The Rock Island House
b) The Del Monte Hotel
c) The American House
d) The Border Bar & Grill

larger_6_0.jpg6) Back in the heyday of rail travel, train wrecks were a common occurrence. The CN passenger cars seen here in 1927 are exhibiting what phenomenon?
a) The domino effect
b) Over-railing
c) Telescoping
d) Bunching

larger_7_0.jpg7) This wreck occurred near Sutton on the line of the South Eastern Railway in 1874. The men pictured smoking in this picture are posing on top of what type of railway car?
a) The Smoking Car
b) The Dining Car
c) The Sleeper Car
d) The Caboose

larger_8_0.jpg8) A spectacular wreck occurred in 1907 when a wooden trestle collapsed under the weight of a Quebec Central train. A great deal of money was spent clearing the debris and replacing the trestle with a modern bridge. Where did this accident occur?
a) Knowlton
b) Kingsbury
c) Richmond
d) Eastman

larger_9.jpg9) Covered bridges could be fragile things, especially during spring thaw, or when burdened with too much weight. The bridge pictured here in the 1860s has been lifted from its piers and collapsed, the result of high water and a heavy build-up of debris in the river. A similar covered bridge survives to this day in this town. But what town is it?
a) Cookshire
b) Cowansville
c) Milby
d) St. Armand

larger_10.jpg10) About 70 buildings along the north end of Dufferin Street, including the town hall, the Catholic Church, a hotel and the registry office, were wiped out in this 1915 fire. What town was it?
a) Granby
b) East Angus
c) Stanstead
d) Sherbrooke

All photos courtesy of the Matthew Farfan Collection.

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