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B. B. Morrill: A Letter from the Front, World War I

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medium_morrill.7.jpgBelgium, Nov 10th [1915]

Dear Carl,

I often think of you all especially when the full moon floats over head and wish I might drop in and see you all—

I was greatly shocked to hear of Stanstead’s Calamity. I am sure Golden Rule has proved a “House beside the road,” for our townspeeple in distress. I have seen a number of War blasted villages here, but as a rule they are not burnt only smashed into a pile of brick and stone.

We are at last in the front ranks that is the front trenches. and expect to spend most of the winter here—

This is a great game but just now a game of snipers bommers and great guns. Farm work goes on behind the trenches the same as ever only most of it is done by women. Part of the trenches we have been in was cut through a wheat field I notice no one has tried to harvest this field.

Mrs Morrill is assisting in a Canadian hospital in England.

I have not received the Notices since I came to England but I think if you would send them to me addressed to 5 th Canadian M.R. 2 nd Brigade, British Expeditionary Force France I would get them.

Remember me to Officers and members of Golden Rule to which I wish a pleasant and prosperous year.

Yours very truly,

B. B. Morrill

Editor’s note:
Col. Benjamin B. Morrill (1869-1941) was instrumental in organizing the 5 th Canadian Mounted Rifles in 1914. This letter was addressed by Morrill to his friend, Mr. C. J. Moulton, who was secretary of Golden Rule Masonic Lodge No. 5, in Stanstead. The Calamity to which Morrill alludes was the great fire that devastated the northern part of Stanstead Plain in 1915, leaving many families homeless.